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We began Farmbox in order to change where and how great produce is grown. Since planting our first seeds in 2011, we’ve created a sustainable urban farm where the harvest cycle is measured in days, not months. Our farm uses less water than traditional agriculture and is pesticide and herbicide free. Under energy efficient LED lights, our fully climate-controlled environment consistently produces the freshest greens. We harvest microgreens daily, regardless of season, that can be to your plate within hours of harvest.

Farmbox Greens is proud to be Seattle’s first indoor vertical farm to grow produce. From our small space in SODO we supply microgreens to local marketplaces & hundreds of loyal restaurants all over the Pacific Northwest. At Farmbox Greens we work hard because we believe that food should be grown responsibly, locally, and taste delicious.

Our Microgreens

Our microgreens are grown from seed and harvested as soon as the true leaves have emerged, yielding a beautiful and flavorful product. Since we grow year-round, we’re able to offer a constant supply of fresh, delicious greens that have increased shelf life over non-local suppliers. This translates into the freshest, most delectable ingredients possible. We add new varieties seasonally so be sure to contact your local Charlie’s representative about our current offerings.

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How we Grow

At Farmbox we use Vertical Farming techniques in combination with resource efficient hydroponics to grow our microgreens.

Inside the farm we create a controlled environment, monitoring air temperature, CO2, humidity, and air circulation to provide the optimal environment for our crops to grow.

By doing so, we can produce consistent results year-round in less time than would be needed if we were growing them outdoors. It’s important to note that our microgreens shouldn’t be confused with sprouts as our growing and harvest methods completely differ.

Dive a little deeper into the operations at Farmbox Greens with this podcast recorded for Seattle Restaurant Week by our friend Keith Bacon with All Ways West Seattle Podcast.

A Little History

In the Beginning

Farmbox Greens was started by Dan Albert and his wife Lindsay Sidlauskas in 2012.

From its humble beginnings in a small office space in Georgetown to moving into the garage of their West Seattle home, Farmbox focused on bringing the highest quality microgreens to the market.

As Farmbox expanded, so did the need for strategic partners and Farmbox was acquired by Charlie’s Produce in 2016.

Farmbox 3.0

Moving Forward Together

The current farm located in SoDo represents the third iteration of Farmbox Greens. Partnering with Charlie’s was instrumental to scaling and making a bigger impact.

Coupling the farm on the same campus as the Charlie’s warehouses and distribution provides a big opportunity to demonstrate the next iteration of local food production.

Since the acquisition, Farmbox has revamped their growing process and built a new farm to service Charlie’s customers through the Northwest.

The future is green

The Farmbox Difference

FRESH: At Farmbox Greens our priority is to optimize both shelf life and flavor. We strive to disrupt the supply chain by growing, harvesting, packaging, and delivering all in one facility to deliver our greens to you as quickly as possible.

LOCAL: Our microgreens are grown indoors in Seattle, WA. They’re tender, crisp and delicious on their own, but also make great additions as a garnish, in salads, or for a boost of color, texture, and flavor.

SUSTAINABLE: We are committed to low-impact agriculture. Our products are free of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. We use 90% less water than traditional farming and our urban location eliminates nearly all food miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we harvest?
We harvest Monday – Friday Our microgreens are available year-round and we often feature seasonal items. We provide the highest quality products and use a just-in-time production model to ensure flavor and freshness.
How should I store my microgreens?
Microgreens should be kept between 36°F and 38°F to avoid drastic changes in temperature to preserve freshness. Micro Basil should be stored at 50°F.
How long should I expect my greens to last?
The shelf life estimates are listed in this the product guide next to each crop are from when the product is delivered. Additionally, Farmbox date stamps all products on the bottom of the container.
Do you have a food safety plan?
Absolutely. Farmbox is audited yearly by Primus Labs for both GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). In October of 2017 we received a perfect score of 100%. We strive daily to ensure that we are growing and harvesting a safe, healthy product for you and your customers.
Can I buy the Farmbox Greens system, so I can grow my own microgreens?
At Farmbox our primary passion is to grow great products for our customers. That said, we have developed a rigorous process for growing microgreens at scale and would be interested in talking with you about your project and to identify whether our growing system may work for you.
Can I hire Farmbox as consultants?
Again yes. We can help but the scale of the project is an important measure of how valuable our knowledge and services will be to a specific project.

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