What are microgreens? 

Microgreens are young seedlings of vegetables and herbs and contain up to 40 times more vital nutrients than mature plants. Microgreens are not sprouts, even though they’re often confused. 

How do we farm? 

We use stacked hydroponic growing systems to allow produce to grow abundantly with great efficiency. Our farm is in a controlled environment with a microclimate consisting of the perfect amount of water, nutrients, CO2 and light. It takes roughly a week to produce a crop of microgreens and herbs. That’s right! We harvest our farm 52 times a year, inch by inch, row by row.  Growing microgreens isn’t difficult, but growing thousands of pounds a year takes a controlled environment and substantial planning. 

How long are microgreens fresh? 

Our microgreens have a shelf life of up to ten days depending on the variety. Store your microgreens upside down in the fridge. The moisture pad will help those microgreens stay fresher longer. 

Should I wash my produce?

Our greens are raw and unwashed to preserve freshness. It’s recommended that all raw produce be washed before consumption. Immediately before use, we suggest rinsing the microgreens with cold water and using a salad spinner to remove moisture.

How I do use microgreens? 

Because microgreens have such a distinct, unique flavor you can add them to just about any meal, from eggs in the morning, to soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta or as a garnish for a special dish.